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Under the Bed Monster Removal

While having monsters under the bed is often deemed a myth invented to rush children off to sleep, bedroom monsters are real and can affect any household, anywhere.

Although bedroom monsters are relatively harmless, they can severely frighten children, keep them up at night, and steal their toys. So, if your child notifies you of an unwarranted monster presence, it's essential to reach a team of qualified removal experts, and Monster Mashers Inc. is the company to call.

Identifying Whether Monsters Are Under the Bed

Though there are a few different ways to figure out whether monsters live under a bed in your home, listening to your children is the most common method.

Children will be the first to know if a monster is lurking in their bedroom, and when they tell you so, you better listen. Monsters don't bother with adult humans but often strive to befriend children by waking them late at night. Although very few bed monsters are ill-intended, their booming, roaring voices and ugly appearances tend to frighten children before they can pursue the friendship they desire.

Closet Monsters

Not unlike bed monsters, their cousin, the closet monster, also hides away in children's bedrooms. Tiny shirts, coats, and toys pose as the perfect hideaway for closet monsters who emerge under cover of night to chat with sleepy kids.

They, too, scare children while trying to have a friendly conversation, and can make children fear the night altogether.

Understanding Bedroom Monsters

Monsters live under beds because they enjoy listening to bedtime stories and playing with missing toys. They tend to sustain a diet of missing socks and hunt dust bunnies when they can.

While under the bed is the natural habitat for these monsters, they can thrive elsewhere. When our monster control specialists apprehend them, we ensure they are relocated to a comfortable setting.

Decoy Traps: Ridding Your Home of Bed Monsters

The very best way to lure bed and closet monsters out of their hiding places is to set up a decoy. Our experts carry a range of childlike dummies in various styles and sizes. We will plant the dummy in your child's bed and wait patiently for the monster to come into view. We use state-of-the-art equipment to capture the monster and remove it from your home straightaway.

In some cases, monsters and children who have become acquainted may wish to bid farewell to one another—and we encourage it. We’ll make sure to provide a safe environment for them to do so.

The Aftermath of Monster Removal

Although, as we've learned, bedroom monsters are mostly harmless, having your children scared half to death every other night is not ideal for their ongoing growth and development. Our expert team is happy to help you fortify your children's bedrooms against both bed and closet monsters, so they can count their sheep and get to sleep without any interruptions.

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Despite popular belief, the ongoing presence of bedroom monsters will not teach your children many valuable lessons. Ridding your property of monsters is easy with the help of our experts – so give us a call today.