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Swamp Creature Control

Have you ever noticed that some people have a seemingly irrational fear of water? Swimming or even bathing has the potential to give them the heebie-jeebies? These phobias may not be completely unfounded.

While sitting in your bath, hot tub, or pool may seem relaxing, there is always a risk that you’re sharing your aqueous space with an uninvited guest. If your home sits on a swamp, river, or lake, you never quite know what lies beneath these familiar yet murky waters.

If you’ve never considered the risk of swamp and other water-based monsters—I’m sure you’re starting to—and if so, Monster Mashers Inc. is the team to call.

We can help protect your private water spaces against a variety of dangerous and pesky creatures. Get in touch with us to learn more about what we have to offer.

Understanding the Risk of Water Monsters

While it may be easy to brush off the presence of water-based monsters, we urge you to consider the severe risks they pose. While not all sea or swamp monsters are interested in eating human beings, many can carry and spread harmful slimes, sludges, mosses, and radioactivity into pools, hot tubs, and swimming holes.

While there is a fair amount of skepticism around the severity of water monsters, the specialists at Monster Mashers have been handling them for many years, and we’re here to help you secure your home before it’s too late.

Protect Your Property from a Variety of Water Monsters

Water-based monsters come in all shapes and sizes and pose a variety of unique risks. Some of the most common beasts we come in contact with include the following.

Pool-Dwelling Swamp Creatures

Swamp creatures originate in swamps. They are created when the skeletal remains of a human being become covered with moss, weeds, and other plant matter and are often mutated by radioactivity. Swamp monsters are slimy, lonesome creatures prone to seeking out more comfortable settings than their native bog.

Swamp creatures love to make themselves at home in backyard pools and hot tubs and can be challenging to deter.

Our experts have years of extensive experience dealing with uninvited swamp monsters. We take a compassionate approach to dealing with these creatures, chatting with them about their hardships and fears before politely escorting them off your property and to a more appropriate location.

Fresh Water Monsters

Freshwater monsters are more mysterious and volatile than swamp creatures. They may have sharp teeth, slippery scales, and a taste for human flesh. The truth is that you never know what kind of terrors lurk in natural waters, and it’s best just to avoid them at all cost

Pipe Predators

The third and final beasts are known as pipe predators. These monsters live within the piping of your home and may show up unexpectedly in the bath or shower. These creatures have a habit of nibbling on toes, eating bar soap, and frightening the life out of unexpected bathers.

Our experts may suggest that you have your drains gated, or just avoid bathing entirely for good measure.

Contact Your Swamp and Sea Monster Professionals

If you’re concerned about the bodies of water in and around your home, Monster Mashers is just a phone call away. We can help guard your watering holes against wandering swamp monsters and fortify your interior plumbing to boot.

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