Mummy Removal

When humans in the modern era first decided to explore ancient Egyptian tombs, they hoped to find gold and treasures—but little did they know they were also letting out a terrible curse. Undead creatures quickly escaped from these tombs to wreak havoc upon the world and exact revenge on a society that has disturbed their eternal slumber. If you have noticed a slow-moving figure wrapped in bandages around your property, we recommend calling the professionals at Monster Mashers Inc. to deal with it the right way.

Where Do Mummies Come From?

The ancient Egyptians performed extensive rituals and preparations to preserve their important citizens after they died. They believed this was a crucial step in ensuring a safe passage to the afterlife and that it would help guarantee a pleasant life after death. That being said, these persevered beings were clearly not too thrilled when archeologists started poking around their resting places in search of treasures and forbidden knowledge.

Where Did They Go?

Although the mummy problem was originally contained to just Egypt, the rise of globalization has made them a very real threat all over the world. Many of these dangerous creatures have been transported to museums and private collections, meaning they could very well be in your area at this moment, waiting for the right moment to come to life.

How Can You Identify These Cotton-Covered Foes?

Although these hobbling monstrosities may appear like the traditional undead, some very important distinctions are to be made. Since they have had their internal organs removed and dark magic cast upon them, they cannot be disposed of by standard methods. This is why we emphasize knowing when you are dealing with a mummy problem and then making sure you contact a company that is equipped to deal with it.

Some of the signs to identify a mummy include:

  • They are wrapped in old bandages
  • Babbling in ancient languages  
  • Gold jewelry
  • Affinity for cats

The Monster Mashers Inc. Mummy Disposal Method

Our highly trained and experienced team of monster hunters have everything they need to deal with your mummy issue effectively. One of the best ways to deal with a mummy is by unleashing a swarm of scarabs upon them. Our hunters are well versed in controlling these insects and making sure they are swiftly contained after they have dealt with the mummy.

It is also important to dispel any curses that might be remaining to ensure your problem does not return. For this reason, we make sure to bring a registered Egyptologist as a subcontractor on every mummy call that we respond to. As experts on the subject, these individuals will be able to perform any necessary rituals and rites to guarantee the mummy will not reanimate.

Contact Us Today for Prompt Mummy Removal

Just because these creatures move slowly and have skin made of dust does not mean they should be taken lightly. If you suspect a mummy has found their way onto your property, the best thing you can do is contact the trained professionals at Monster Mashers Inc.