Kaiju Control

An unfortunate by-product of the nuclear age, giant monsters known as Kaiju are a real threat to metropolitan life. Although once contained to Japan and the surrounding area, these towering monstrosities have now made their presence felt across the globe. The best method of controlling a Kaiju is to have a team of legally-distinct colorful rangers watching over your city, but the second-best method is to contact us––Monster Mashers Inc.

Our monster hunters have the proper equipment and training to deal with a Kaiju threat effectively, so give us a call today if you see an oversized eye peering through your window.

How to Recognize a Kaiju Problem

Kaiju come in many shapes—but the size remains the same. These fearsome beasts often compete with skyscrapers as the tallest thing in the city and can be seen from miles away. These monsters are often felt and heard well before you lay eyes on them. If you find your home or apartment shaking, don’t assume it’s an earthquake. Listen carefully for any loud roars or screeching.

Common Kaiju Threats

Most people are familiar with Godzilla, the king of the monsters. But there is a whole universe of Kaiju that you should familiarize yourself with. Whether they appear to be antagonistic or a peaceful addition to your city, these creatures can inflict all sorts of collateral damage and should never be taken lightly. Atomic heat beams, immense physical strength, and electric bites are just some of the known abilities these rampaging monsters may have at their disposal.

Some of the better-known Kaiju in our database include:

  • Godzilla
  • Mechagodzilla
  • Rodan
  • Mothra
  • King Kong
  • King Ghidorah
  • Anguirus

Dealing with a Kaiju

Giant monsters are mostly found in and around cities. Kaiju-related problems typically affect the entire population, making the Monster Mashers a valuable resource if you are a mayor or minister of defense. If you do not have the budget to maintain a Kaiju response force, MM Inc is proud to provide our effective and affordable giant monster removal on a per-case basis.

Solutions for Minor Threats

If you are dealing with a lesser Kaiju, our team will typically be able to resolve the issue without any heavy-duty equipment. Our professional monster hunters will arrive at your location in colorful spandex and with everything they need to coax the monster back into the ocean or the planet from whence it came.

Remediation for Significant Kaiju Issues

For more menacing creatures, sometimes advanced technology will be required to solve the problem properly. If our flashy kung fu and handheld equipment are not deterring the beast, we will make use of our giant robot suit. Although our mech is a few generations old, our impeccable teamwork and experience with giant monsters help us guarantee a swift resolution with minimal casualties.

Schedule Our Kaiju Removal Today

Although Kaiju may seem like a great mascot for your city, they are unpredictable forces of nature. Trying to tame a Kaiju monster as a pet is never recommended, and we encourage you to contact our professional team before the monster begins to mark its territory.

Contact Monster Mashers Inc for Kaiju removal services.