House Ghosts (aka Friendly Ghosts) Removal

Monster Mashers Inc. is the authoritative source on how to deal effectively with common house or “friendly” ghosts. If you’ve discovered a poltergeist-like pal floating around from room to room, give our ghost gurus a call.

What Is a Friendly Ghost?

Friendly ghosts rose to mainstream consciousness with the American 1995 comedy-drama film Casper. The truth of the matter is that friendly ghosts have been commonplace among mansions and motor homes alike for centuries. Friendly ghosts are similar to all other ghosts in that they are earthbound spirits who have not completely passed on to the next realm after death. However, unlike most ghosts who refuse to leave due to having unfinished business to tend to, friendly ghosts mean no harm to mortals and are by and large benevolent to whoever may cross their path.

Though good-intentioned, friendly ghosts tend to cause trouble at home. They often inadvertently frighten guests and small children and are known to incite a racket of barking from any neighbourhood dog that sniffs up something suspicious. Being a ghost is a very lonely experience, and Casper kin often become desperate for company. In extreme cases, a friendly ghost might become all-too friendly and follow you around the house all day telling lame jokes (ex. Where does a ghost go on vacation? Mali-boo!). If you’re desperate to evict your ghostly roommate, you’ve come to the right place.

Identifying the Nature of Your Ghost

When it comes to ghosts and ghouls, Monster Mashers Inc. always proceeds with extreme caution. We never assume that a ghost is benevolent and will utilize our top-secret Ecto-Detecto® plasma-scanners to determine the nature and potential threat-level of any ghosts inhabiting your home. Once properly analyzed, we’ll give you a free quote for appropriate removal services.

Dealing with a Friendly Ghost

Here are some easy tips on making life more comfortable while living in a house inhabited by a friendly ghost. While ghosts can’t eat anything, they still enjoy company. Invite it to your next pizza party! You may not always see the ghost, but they can usually see you, even when you are in the bathroom or otherwise desire privacy. Contrary to popular belief, ghosts actually have no desire to see anybody naked. That’s just gross. Perhaps try being a little more considerate and relieving yourself without revealing yourself. Simple steps like these can go a long way to improving ghost-friendly relations.

Removal of a Friendly Ghost

If it becomes impossible to stand living with the creature any longer, we understand and will be happy to remove any ghostly squatters from your home. We’re always just one quick phone call away, and our patented GhostBasher Proton Knapsacks© are specially designed to blast any ghost to high hell, or at least into the next guy’s house. Hey, as long as it’s not in your house, who cares, right? (Special Offer: 10% discount for referring us to your neighbours).