Fairy Control

Although mostly harmless, fairies are mischievous creatures with a knack for playing tricks on unexpecting victims. If you’ve noticed that small trinkets in your home have gone missing, or you suddenly find yourself lost and disoriented, fairies could be to blame.

To determine whether you’re facing a fairy problem, or if you’d like to protect your property, Monster Mashers Inc. are happy to be at your service. We can quickly determine what kind of fairies or pixies are settled in and around your property and relocate them—fast!

Fortify Your Property From Fairies

For centuries humans and fairies have lived in relative peace. Fairies, however, are known to cause trouble, and having them in and around your property can be a real nuisance. The best way to avoid the follies of fairies is to equip your home adequately.

Protective charms are the very best way to ward off fairies and keep them at bay. Some of the most effective charms include the following.


Mostly averse to the clanging of large church bells, fairies do not enjoy the sound of bells. Installing a bell outside your home and ringing it once every 3-4 hours should keep fairies from coming near your property.

Monster Mashers also offer a more modern alternative—we are happy to install state-of-the-art speaker systems in and around your yard that play the sound of bells on a constant loop.


Another tactic for warding off fairies is wearing your clothing inside out. Though this may seem strange, fairies are judgemental creatures and won’t bother messing with you if they deem you not worthy of their time. Wearing your clothing inside out monthly or even weekly can be enough to protect your household.

When you get in touch with our fairy experts, we can let you know what tactic would work best for your unique situation.

Identifying Fairy Activity

The primary way to identify activity is by watching out for their tricks. Let’s explore some of the most common and noticeable pranks.

Elf Locks

Fairies love to fool their victims under the cover of night, especially when you’re sleeping. One of the most common pranks is known as elf locks. If you wake up with unfathomably tangled hair, you may have fallen prey to a fairy trick.


Fairies are especially sinister when they choose to confuse their victims and make them lose track of their surroundings. If you suddenly lose a sense of where you are or can’t seem to get your bearings, fairies could be at play.


Another noticeable sign of fairy activity is the loss of small trinkets and ornaments around the home. They are mostly fans of mittens, tiny pieces of fabric, and anything shiny—so keep a close eye on your belongings when you suspect fairy activity.

Keep Pesky Fairies at Bay

Though fairies are beloved within the pages of children’s stories, real fairies are not your friends. They won’t cause you physical harm, but their antics are enough to drive anyone to distraction.

For superior fairy control, contact Monster Mashers Inc. today.