Chupacabra Removal

If you are looking to rid your property of those bloodthirsty Chupacabra’s once and for all, we invite you to contact Monster Mashers Inc. Using our wits and various award-winning monster control methods, we banish those malevolent creatures from whence they came. Call us today.

Your Trusted Chupacabra Catchers

You know a Chupacabra when you see one. Standing four or five feet tall, with large eyes, long claws, and spikes jutting from its spine, it resembles no other creature on this green earth. They’re like a fish and an upright dog all rolled into one smorgasbord of terror.

The Chupacabra’s origins aren’t as ancient as other monsters and mythological beasts. The Chupacabra was first spotted in Puerto Rico in 1995. The Chupacabra is known for its bloodthirstiness, having sucked the blood from countless goats and other livestock. Chupacabras are not picky, though—they’d just as soon settle for a small chicken. Save your livestock and stop Chupacabras in their tracks before it is too late! With our help, we can ward those monsters off your property. All you have to do is call us.

Chupacabra Catching Made Easy

Chupacabras are known for their speed and dexterity. They can hop out of sight in a second and make their way up trees in no time at all. They’re also known for their fondness of livestock, as well. These vampiric creatures go absolutely ga-ga for chickens. Knowing that, we use their fondness of chickens to our advantage.

Thankfully, we’re as great at crafting and fashioning costumes as we are at catching monsters. Once we have confirmed that the creatures are terrorizing your property, we dress ourselves up in armored chicken suits and position ourselves near the property’s chicken coop. And then we wait. We wait hours, days, weeks—however long it takes for the Chupacabra to return and pounce on its prey. When they finally try to bite through our fake feathers, we’ll reveal ourselves.

To cool their temper, we will offer them all sorts of treats that they’ve never had the opportunity of tasting on account of being nomadic and reviled monsters. Chupacabra’s love chocolate and candy. Once they’ve calmed down, we will escort them off the property and banish them from whence they came.

Quick Turnarounds on Chupacabra Removal

We might stake out your property for weeks, even months, until the Chupacabra grows hungry and returns to your chicken coop. This part of the job will take a while—but as people say, nothing worthwhile ever comes quickly. Once we’ve caught your Chupacabra though, things move along with great speed. We will secure the perimeter with burning sage and be on our merry way. 

Chase Away the Chupacabra Today

When it comes to the Chupacabra, many people run away in fear at the sight of them. Not us, though. We know how to lure those vampiric beasts into our clutches, and we know how to make sure they don’t return. Call us today to request our services.