Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga Control and Rescue

Having terrified and tormented Russian children for decades, the threat of Baba Yaga is no less real today than it was during the first recordings of her appearance. If you have been wandering the forest alone and encounter a frightening old woman, Monster Mashers Inc. can help. Our qualified team of monster hunters will respond to your call quickly and rush to your location to help you retain all your limbs and deal with the old crone accordingly.

Not Your Average Grandma

Although elderly women are typically seen as nurturing and motherly, the Baba Yaga is anything but. This fearsome creature does not leave the forest. If you have gone wandering in the woods at night, she is more than willing to lead you astray and into her clutches. The Baba Yaga survives primarily on a diet of human flesh, and although she prefers children, she is not against consuming older strangers who make their way into her domain.

Identifying the Baba Yaga Could Save Your Life

The best way to avoid the Baba Yaga is to stay away from any wooded areas when you are alone, but if this is not possible, you should know how to recognize when you might be in the presence of this evil being.

Some of the telltale signs of the Baba Yaga include:

  • An elderly woman with a large nose and iron teeth
  • Raggedy and unclean clothing
  • A mortar and pestle flying through the sky with someone on top
  • A strange hut on top of chicken legs
  • Fences made of human bones or topped with skulls
  • Whistling wind and howling trees

If you believe Baba Yaga may be near, the best thing you can do is stop wandering any further and contact Monster Mashers Inc.!

The Baba Yaga Is Not Your Friend

Many individuals attempt to seek out Baba Yaga in hopes of receiving direction of some sort—however, we strongly advise against this. Although some claim that the Baba Yaga can be a source of untapped knowledge or personal guidance, providing you can answer her questions correctly or survive dinner with her, there is no concrete evidence of this being true. Rather, it is much more likely that you will be misled by her only to be cooked and eaten.

Dealing with the Baba Yaga

Because there are no known methods of completely eliminating the Baba Yaga, the most effective method of preventing your own consumption is avoiding her altogether. That being said, if you have had the misfortune of finding yourself in her clutches, our experienced team will be happy to assist. Once we have received your call, our monster hunters will rush to your location for a swift extraction, hopefully with all your limbs still intact. While you wait for our arrival, we recommend doing what you can to befriend Baba Yaga’s servants—they have been known to help out captives who treat them nicely.

Phone Monster Mashers for Experienced Baba Yaga Control Experts

Whether you have made the mistake of searching for her or have just been led astray, getting tangled up with Baba Yaga is a serious situation. Contact our certified crew today to take yourself off the menu and get out of the forest safely.