Mouth-Goes-Boom Doomslaughter Hot Sauce®

Introducing the world’s latest hot commodity, the Mouth-Goes-Boom Doomslaughter Hot Sauce® is our spicy new foray into the world of cuisine. Perfected over two generations of Doomslaughter cooks, the Mouth-Goes-Boom is our finest achievement yet, delivering a kick to the gut and flaming-hot goodness to the mouth. Made with the finest fermented peppers and a host of ingredients that make it something special, this hot sauce is sure to please any home cook with its delightful tang and smokey taste. In limited production based on sale and demand. Get it while the getting’s hot!

Cured, crafted, and fermented for years in oak barrels, the Mouth-Goes-Boom Doomslaughter Hot Sauce® is our most scrumptious recipe yet. Combining the finest hot peppers with some of the world’s rarest exotic ingredients, it boasts a taste beyond compare, featuring a unique flavor profile that no other sauce can replicate. A masterclass in chemistry, a singular feat of alchemy, this is one hot sauce no kitchen can go without.

Ingredients: Fermented fresco chili pepper, cayenne pepper, fermented chipotle pepper, fermented habanero pepper, salt, peptin, white vinegar, garlic, eye of newt, olive oil, eel oil, crushed black pepper, crushed black pearl, stomach acid, red dye no. 6, urine of ettin, tuft of wolf, houndstooth, bonemeal, spider venom, bat guano, antifreeze, skunk spray, rat poison, and potassium sorbate and sodium bisulfite as preservatives. Contains sulphites (sodium bisulfite).

Store in cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children and chubacabra.